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Participate in the 6th edition of the LT Industry Summit in Brussels on 9-11 October 2017.



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  2. BUSINESS FOCUS: the only conference in Europe that presents language technology from a business / organisational perspective

  3. MULTIDISCIPLINARY: network with representatives from industry, research, academia, policy makers and selected customer segments (public administration & services, defence & security, banking & insurance, commerce & industry, publishing & media)

  4. INTERNATIONAL: meet speakers and participants from all over the world

  5. FLEXIBLE: attend the part of our programme most relevant to you and benefit from our discounts

The LT Industry Summit is the yearly point of convergence between the Language Technology Industry, its clients, research partners and policy makers.

Attend this event for a full update on how natural language processing (NLP), multilingual artificial intelligence (AI) and speech interaction technologies will impact your organisation in the years to come. LTI17 focuses on some of the hottest technologies and applications in the pipeline, resulting especially from the AI revitalisation of machine learning: neural machine translation, automated document search/analysis/generation, semantic insights from user-generated content, technology-assisted conference interpretation, virtual assistants, and much more.

LT Industry Summit

LT Industry Summit

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