No time to read all tweets, scoops, blogs? Here is a summary of the Top Ten LT stories of the month, selected by our LangTechNews editor Andrew Joscelyne. Enjoy – and if you have a newsworthy story, contact us.

  1. First blockchain-based Voice Assistant: Snips brings data privacy to smart homes
  2. Automating Call for Tender Documents Analysis: Proxem launches new tool
  3. Huge US Legal Data Resource Available: Free historical and recent court decisions to drive your AI?
  4. OS Intelligence Market: Huge opportunities opening up in cybersecurity
  5. Cognitive AI Spend to Triple: IDC forecasts a $77B market by 2022
  6. Neural MT by the Numbers: KantanMT reaches 20,000 engines.
  7. Conference Interpreting Automation: Speechmatics Joins Forces with Clique.
  8. Multitasking NLP: Salesforce packages ten language technologies in a single stack;
  9. Language Technology in Newsgathering for Journalists: New UK solution.
  10. How Human Translators Will Work in an AI-based Industry: a TAUS report