James Anderson

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James Anderson is the founder and president of Linguali, a French language technology company specialising in simultaneous interpreting technologies. He has worked in the language industry as a business leader and simultaneous conference interpreter for 20 years. He previously founded the full service localisation agency Medialocate, with offices in Bordeaux, France and Monterey, California.

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Facilitating Simultaneous Interpreting
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Interpreting, like all sectors, is under increasing pressure to reduce costs and enhance service. Event organisers increasingly resort to using tour guide systems in lieu of traditional interpreting booths and equipment in order to reduce costs. This inevitably leads to degraded working conditions for interpreters as well as reducing the comfort and comprehension of participants. Linguali has developed Linguali-IS, a wiireless based system that allows interpreters to use their laptop computers as interpreting consoles at events, and speakers and participants to use their connected mobile devices to speak, and listen, to the interpreter. Linguali-IS is mobile, scalable and generates cost savings of up to 95% for multilingual events.