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Almawave, an AlmavivA Group Company, is an Italian vendor for speech technologies, focused on advanced analytics, multimedia broadcast, reporting and subtitling, to support CX management. It has been mentioned multiple times by Gartner analysts since 2014, predominantly in the field of customer service solutions with AI-driven and natural language-based technologies. Almawave’s Iride product suite consists of multiple modules, where Iride Voice is the most relevant product to deliver core STT capabilities, integrating natively with its spoken language translation for both offline and real-time transcription (Flyscribe, Verbamatic and PSW by its controlled Company PerVoice).

Almawave’s other capabilities run a comprehensive list from speech IVR and outbound calling (Iride Call and PerVoice’s Audioma), voice analytics, chatbots (Iride Wavebot), semantic call routing (Iride Channel Hub) and other speech services. Its considerably mature speech technology spans over 30 different Indo-European languages with features such as: conversational agents for text and voice, RPAs and guidance (iride Verbal Order and BKO), knowledge management (Iride KM), and text analytics (Iride Text Analytics).