The harmonization of international markets is changing the language of business and the way every company views the world. The global language services marketplace is growing exponentially - Capita can help you make sense of it.


Capita Translation and Interpreting is a whole new offering from Capita Group. Within the public and commercial sectors there is increasing demand for multilingual communications, driven by many contributing factors; from businesses branching out into new overseas markets, to public sector organisations reaching out to stakeholders and service users within diverse communities.


Capita can support new and existing customers with a wide range of services, built on an evolving mix of time-tested translation methods and innovative technology, such as custom-built Machine Translation engines, and the delivery of expert interpreters and translators to support frontline public sector services


Public Sector services and Interpreting

Capita provides language services to frontline staff within the health, justice and central government sectors, and can supply interpreters for face to face assignments or over the phone interpreting. We are also harnessing a growing network of linguists to take on document translation projects for public sector organisations. The resources we supply help frontline staff work more efficiently and effectively, while allowing departments across the public sector to save money.


These resources are also improving the experiences of thousands of patients and members of the public who come into contact with health, justice and welfare services every day, allowing them to understand what is being asked of them, and to clearly explain their own issues to dedicated professionals.


Commercial services

Our commercial customers benefit from access to a global network of professional linguists, based in the country of the relevant language, who have been selected by our dedicated project management teams to meet the specific needs each project. We work across many sectors, from construction and engineering to life sciences and technologies, developing bespoke solutions that help companies thrive.


Our language services, delivered by experienced and professional freelance linguists, are of a very high quality that is not compromised by the rapid turnaround times. Many blue chip companies trust us to deliver projects essential to their business, and our experience adds value to their internal and external documentation and communications.