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United Kingdom

iFinger is a digital dictionary search engine that automatically appears on the window you’re working with, no matter whether you’re on or offline. iFinger offers instant access to quality reference content by world leading providers, enabling you to increase the accuracy and efficacy of your written work. You can choose to download from a wide variety of reference content by respected publishers such as Collins, Ernst Klett Verlag and Cappelen Forlag. iFinger also offers direct search in Wikipedia, whose functionality is available in all languages.

To use, simply move your cursor over a word on a web page, or double-click (ctrl F11) on a word in any Windows based environment. The iFinger engine will instantly access and deliver the required information in a drop down window.

iFinger Limited was established by Norwegian Publishers in 2000. iFinger has more than 2.5 million individual users and also offers global multi language solutions for corporate networks. The company is registered in the United Kingdom. Operational activities are carried out by iFinger Ltd (NUF) Norway.

The iFinger software offers a user friendly way to search high quality reference material produced by well known publishers. The open architecture of the iFinger software is able to facilitate multi language content from any publishing house. At present, our product range consists of over 100 respected titles with more due to be added in the near future. We also have the ability to offer additional titles “à la carte”.