Lexicum is a young language learning startup, founded in December 2013. We have already managed to launch our beta on the web and for mobile devices. Furthermore, we have a growing user base, our users are actively engaging and our potential has been recongized externally - we got the 1st prize at LT-Innovate 2014 and also won the Balkan Ventyre Forum 2014

Our platform helps foreign language learners build vocabulary by capture the new words they are encountering, helping to remember them all. The mechanism is very simple:

  • We offer a built-in dictionary for learners to look up words in
  • We store the words in a personal vocabulary book
  • We deliver exercises at just the right moment, so that the words are retained well through spaced repetition

Further, we are adding a lot more to our platform to help learners and teachers alike. We are building a gamification module to recongize achievements and motivate users to engange more and we will soon release a module for teachers to prepare a glossary for a lesson and send out to learners.

In the long term, we aim to deliver the definite vocabulary building solution that will finally help move away from ineffective practices like handwritten notes and repetitive writing.