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Country of registration: 
Czech Republic

Lingea has been developing language technologies since 1997 and has excessive expertise in terms of data processing and application development.

Our technologies combine our language data, know-how and software for processing one of the most complex systems of our world: the human language. We encounter human language in both written and spoken forms and our technologies are meant to help you orient yourself in it better, search it, structure it efficiently or otherwise use it.

We support over 20 languages in terms of full text search, spell checking, hyphenation or language recognition. These are suitable for search engines, text editors, online shops or information, content management and library systems.

Our own development has advanced to such a degree that we are also able to offer advanced solutions in the area of translation, e.g. automated translation for multilingual search and translation support.

We also focus on learning and efficient text processing using speech technologies, especially technologies for voice communication with computers or mobile devices, searching audio and video files or, as the case may be, the enhancement of language learning.

Technologies we have developed are being used all around the world as a part of various systems and software and make working with texts and full text searching easier.

We deal with all major platforms - online, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and eBooks - and are able to use our development skills and deliver products for those platforms to you.