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Lingvistica : Language Resources for Business and Research
Lingvistica is one of the world leaders in supplying off-the-shelf and custom-made linguistic resources for applications, like web-search engines, spell-checkers, dictionary look-up, word search, translation memory, language learning, automatic translation, artificial intelligence, text analytics and virtual assistants. Our customers are looking for information retrieval, frequency wordlists, data mining, grammatical analysis, automatic translation, soundfiles, morphological and semantic lists. We have developed products and procedures for more than 30 languages and we are capable of many more. Languages Western Europe: English, Afrikaans, Czech, Danish, Dutch (Flemish), French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese), Spanish (Latin American Spanish), Swedish, Turkish. Eastern Europe Slavic and Baltic: Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Rusyn, Serbian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian. Asia: Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean