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Precognox is a high-end consulting firm, specialized in “automation of knowledge work”. We have comprehensive experience in semantic search, intelligent text and data mining & analytics to support major businesses and research organizations with large amounts of unstructured data to solve complex projects. 

The founders of Precognox started to work for NIH (National Institutes of Health, USA) in 2001 by developing ToxSeek toxicological and other search engines, as well as miscellaneous language tools. Based on our experiences the company was founded in order to provide appropriate sevice for the increasing number of Hungarian and international customers at the highest standard.
We have been implementing search technologies for more than 10 years now. Continuous improvement is a priority in order to provide the most efficient services for our partners as well as to search and apply the most up-to-date technologies. 
Precognox HQ and our main office is located in Kaposvar, a lovely city in Western-Hungary. The company has got an office in the capital, Budapest, too. Under the guidance of our CTO our system architects and Hadoop specialists represent the company in the heart of the country. Our presence in Budapest is vitally important for we can take part in the sparkling tech life of the city - we are avid meetup and conference goers, we even run the NLP (Natural Language Processing) meetup.

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