We make Knowledge a Tangible Asset®

PROMIS@Service S.a.r.l. is a vendor of knowledge intensive, multilingual services whose objective is to expand the Open Innovation PROMIS® platform in the European market through additional languages and countries, while maintaining its unique position through flexibility in adapting the service to additional markets, nurturing cooperation with public bodies, and associations providing training courses, as well as remaining at the forefront of innovation through well designed Research & Development.
We are a multinational and multi-disciplinary team, reflecting the demands of the heterogeneous SME market and the need to ‘go international.’ Our culture and approach accordingly encompass interdisciplinary teamwork, multilingualism and the capability to understand and respect sectoral and national differences, while striving to integrate commonalities at European level.
PROMIS® (www.promis.eu) is a Software-as-a-Service and Intranet platform of interactive services that allows organizations and institutions to find their way in the maze of legal, standards, norms and other regulations to which they are submitted and, at the same time, to structure their processes and knowledge in a way that results in improved access to customers, better relations with regulatory authorities and financial institutions, faster and easier certification, smoother audits, improved operations and significant cost reductions.
As eBusiness Enabler solution PROMIS® organizes and tailors integrated process management, legislation, online communication, learning and training and helps to capture, structure and interlink all relevant information. It offers tools and services to: (i) Structure and Share individual and institutional Knowledge in multiple languages, (ii) Collaborate, Communicate and Work interactively online in different languages, (iii) generate services out of the content and knowledge existing in a organization, (iv) Support Regulatory Compliance, (v) Keep transparency and order in an organisation through an electronic handbook conforming with norms and other legal requirements. PROMIS® has been developed with the help of the European Commission and selected private investors to a mature platform which, at present, is second to none.
In a nutshell:
• The PROMIS® platform and relevant content are now in 10 languages (EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, PT, RO, HU, GR, PL). We have managed to integrate machine translation technologies in the whole platform, which can be linked with all types of machine translations and allows secure translation of implemented content in 53 languages.
• We have implemented the Health&Safety life cycle (OSHA 18000), Quality (ISO 9000), Education (ISO 29990), ICT Security&Data protection (ISO 27000); are now starting the implementation of Risk Management (ISO 31000). Energy, Corporate Social Responsibility and other norms and standards can be integrated in short time.
• PROMIS® is being more and more recognized as an instrument to build Communities of Knowledge (institutional and private).
• In July ’13 we started the process of pre-standardisation in form of the CEN Workshop 75 “Terminology Policy to support generic applications of Management Systems with focus on smaller Organisations in a Multilingual Environment”. https://www.cen.eu/work/areas/services/Pages/WS-75.aspx