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Syllabs is a private company based in Paris with a strong expertise in semantic technologies : natural language processing, text mining, web mining, content generation...

Syllabs provides solutions to help web sites (like commerce and tourism sites) increase their traffic and keep their users.

During 4 years, Syllabs has developed cutting edge technologies in Semantic Analysis, Human quality text generation and crawling.

We provide :

  • Automatic text generation. We can provide product descriptions (cameras, suits, etc.) in order to add unique human quality texts to web pages. This gives both a better experience to users and has a great impact on Search Engine Optimization.
  • Semantic Analysis. We can automatically tag texts in order to structure a web site (by tags or by categories). We can also provide sentiment analysis for a specialized domain like IT products.
  • Web Mining. We crawl the web to build directories and catalogues on a given domain (list of restaurants, list of cameras...).

Syllabs offers a range of products and services that can help web sites enrich their content with semantic metadata, in order to improve traffic, user engagement and monetization.