TiP is one of European leaders in natural language research and software development.

With more than 20 years of expertise in language parsing, summarizing, disambiguation and machine translation, TiP delivers linguistic components to the biggest names in the IT field.  Our experts have qualifications in linguistics, statistics, terminology, knowledge discovery in documents, as well as excellent technical skills related to multiplatform computing.

A company wholly dedicated to natural language research and software development, TiP was established in 1991 in Katowice, Poland. In 1992, with the launch COR™ and CorWin™ stand-alone spell checkers, TiP became the leader in computer linguistics technology in Poland. TiP’s Polish proofing applications were awarded the Gold Medal at Softarg ‘92 Fair in Katowice and, shortly thereafter, were recognized as the Software of the Year by the “PC Kurier” magazine in 1993.

Thus far, TiP has developed a number of dictionaries and applications to process the Polish language. The CorWin® Polish language engines have been licensed to Microsoft Corporation, Corel/WordPerfect and Lotus.

Since the moment of its inception, TiP has been intended to be an idea workshop and a network company rather than a brick-and-mortar one. Our main capital is knowledge and technology. Currently, TiP employs permanent staff of four, whose know-how is supplemented by that of a large group of external collaborators representing academia and the IT community, able to provide highly specialized expertise in linguistics and programming alike.

During the twenty years of its existence, TiP Ltd. has developed a substantial bulk of NLP software and gathered vast linguistic resources for a range of languages. As of recently, we have worked out an idea to render basic resources available to the wider public in the SaaS model, by providing results through Web Services in the XML, json and plain text formats. The functionalities offered by our applications are now available for seven languages, including four Slavic (PL, CZ, UKR and RU) and three Western European (EN, FR and DE). Users may access our libraries online for evaluation purposes: it is enough to acquire a unique API key from TiP at no cost or obligation. A demo of three sample groups of TiP APIs is now available online:

  1. Morphology, autocorrecting, spelling hints a.s.o. useful in indexing mainly (as well as correcting).
  2. Cross-lingual single word to word translation for seven different languages. May be of use in general cross-lingual search.
  3. plWordNet browser. plWordnet (© Wroclaw University of Technology) – an extensive Polish wordnet, among the largest in the world, which offers many semantic relations. Applicable for the purpose of semantic search.

Documentation is available for each group of functions. To download, click the link at bottom-right corner of the page.

On top of functionalities presented above, TiP also owns more advanced systems, developed in the course of the European Projects in which TiP participated. However, the solutions introduced hereby seem to be of the widest use.

We are currently seeking for partnership in projects under calls on information and communication technologies theme under the provisions of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7 ICT), especially Challenge 4: Technologies for Digital Content and Languages. TiP’s unique selling points are functionalities specific to Slavic languages, as well as the company’s particular market focus (TiP delivers software to Microsoft, Novell, IBM and other major partners). Also, TiP is SME. You are most welcome to test the functionalities offered above; please, inform others, who may find them interest as well. We would also appreciate your comments. Please note that while the fully developed applications will be commercialized in the future, the demo versions are free of charge.