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Vecsys is a key player in the speech technology industry, providing speech-to-text software and services to unlock value from audio and video sources.
Its leading software solution “MediaSpeech®” is used namely by Media-Monitoring companies, on-line press groups, and institutions in France, UK, Spain, USA and Gulf countries. MediaSpeech® Cloud Service handles thousands of audio/video files every day for its SaaS customers.
Vecsys is also present in Automotive, Aerospace and Health sectors with Embedded mobile solutions.
Started in 1979, Vecsys is now a Bertin Technologies subsidiary, and part of CNIM Group, traded on Euronext market and operating worldwide with HQ in France and offices in 14 countries.
Vecsys acquisition confirms Bertin Information Technology department – Bertin IT – as a bleeding edge technology provider for MultiMedia MultiLingual Intelligence systems.