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Proxem is a software company, providing semantic analysis solutions for companies. Proxem helps companies turn big text data into actionable insights.

Founded in 2007, Proxem dedicated its first three years to intense R&D. Proxem software solutions capitalize on 15+ R&D man-years, partially funded by four projects related to several French Universities as Paris 7, Paris 10 and the INRIA. Born in education and research, Proxem sees R&D as a core value and activity. Transparency and scientific rigor are precious and deeply rooted in Proxem’s culture. Proxem has expertise in Natural Language Processing and Information Technology, combined with a strong business culture and the ability to quickly implement operational and functional solutions.

Proxem's main markets are:

  • customer experience: how to identify best practices and levers for improvement in companies' products and services;
  • market intelligence: how to map a company's environment of competitors, stakeholders, startups and technologies;
  • human resources: how to identify skillful candidates and analyse the social climate of a company.

Proxem's solutions are available as a web application (our SaaS software Ubiq), APIs or custom reports.