Short LT-Innovate report (PDF format) on the Buyer Focus Groups organised in 2013 with Vertical Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Security, Tourism

"During 2013, LT-Innovate carried out a series of focus-group meetings with a number of vertical industries in Europe. The aim was to gauge awareness of the role of language technology in offering specific solutions for industry segments, and to learn how LT could anticipate and respond to emerging industry needs. This feeds into LT-Innovate’s innovation agenda of helping LT buyers clarify their needs so that LT vendors can develop more appropriate and innovative solutions to language-related issues.

The industries covered by this focus-group methodology are Security, Healthcare, Tourism and Manufacturing. We shall report below on each vertical in turn, breaking down the LT applications field into three domains for ease of exposition:

  • Conversational interaction covers speech technology applications;
  • Digital semantics covers the various creation and analysis applications involved in processing the meaning of content
  • Multilingual access identifies global language needs (cross- and multi-) for all other LT type operations."
Healthcare, industries, LT Needs, Manufacturing, Security, tourism