by Rahzeb Choudhury

This report represents the TAUS interpretation of the industry’s collective wisdom based on survey data, group discussions, 30 in-depth interviews, and TAUS articles and reports. For a more objective view, the reader is asked to refer to TAUS World Tour (Q4 2008 - Q1 2009) and online survey (March 2009) results, which are provided in the appendices.

This report outlines the industry’s development focus in the coming years, highlighting the types of decisions companies are making, spotlighting a few case histories and predicting how events will unfold.

Underpinning this research is the assumption that there is a fundamental and positive shift from business and innovation models based on control and hierarchy to ones empowered by collaboration and openness.

1329-TAUS Innovation & Interop Roadmap 2009.pdf

innovation, Roadmap, TAUS, translation automation