LT-Innovate is the Language Technology Industry Association. Language Technology makes the world intelligent, multilingual and interactive.

LT-Innovate's objectives are:

  • to encourage collaboration within the Industry and with other stakeholders of the Language Technology value-chains;
  • to strengthen the Language Technology Industry for increased competitiveness in the global markets;
  • to articulate the Industry's collective interests vis-à-vis its clients, researcher partners, investors and policy makers;
  • to promote Language Technologies as driver of economic success, societal well-being and cultural integrity.

LT-Innovate (the "Association") is operated by LT-Innovate Ltd. a company limited by guarantee (not-for-profit) registered in England and Wales. The Founding Members of LT-Innovate Ltd. are listed here. Paying Members of the Association are deemed to be Members of LT-Innovate Ltd by virtue of joining the Association and paying their membership fee.

For more details see Membership Benefits.

Membership in LT-Innovate is open to any organisation or individual with an interest in language technology. However, only Language Technology suppliers, integrators and users are eligible to join as Premium Members.

Current members of the LT-Innovate Board of Directors are listed here.

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