LT-Innovate is the Language Technology Industry Association. It was founded in 2012, the Founding Members of LT-Innovate are listed here.

LTI’s formula is simple: HI + AI = LI
Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence = Language Intelligence

Language Intelligence analyses large multilingual data sets, translates or transcribes them, and lets you communicate with customers & computers alike, in whatever language you choose.

For more than 8 years LT-Innovate supports its members by:  

* Identifying market opportunities to boost LT companies for increased competitiveness in the global markets e.g. through opening up new verticals;

* Facilitating commercial (and research) collaboration within the Industry and with other players of the Language Intelligence value chains e.g. through user challenges or joint projects;

* Stimulating collaborative approaches vis-à-vis clients, researcher partners, investors and policy makers on the occasion of the LT Industry Summit or sector-specific workshops;

* Promoting Language Intelligence as driver of economic success, societal well-being and cultural integrity.

For more details see Membership Benefits.

Membership in LT-Innovate is open to any organisation or individual with an interest in language technology.
Current members of the LT-Innovate Board of Directors are listed here.

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