No time to read all tweets, scoops, blogs? Here is a summary of the Top Ten LT stories of the month, selected by our LangTechNews editor Andrew Joscelyne. Enjoy – and if you have a newsworthy story, contact us.

  1. RegTech: how regulations & compliance can be effectively processed using open-standards-based semantic technologies. Plus a conversational bot to enquire about GDPR conditions. And a Regtech accelerator programme here.
  2. Blockchain for the translation industry: automating smart contracts and data management.
  3. Microsoft goes “full duplex”: i.e. pause-free conversational parity, largely driven by predictive speech software.
  4. Interpretation now rhymes with Innovation – new tech alliance ITA aims to disrupt the private market.
  5. The race to “humanize” sentiment in AI voices.
  6. Military/defense, healthcare/life sciences, automotive, and travel/hospitality: nearly 40% of $195M MT market by 2023.
  7. Meetings Tech as a Service – an untapped smart content market for language tech?
  8. Numbers on text generation (NLG) usage in Retail and Financial Research.
  9. Listening hubs in restaurants to measure foodie sentiment.
  10. Semantic search advances derived from Ray Kurweil’s work at Google.