1.       New funding for Europe’s Online MT Service: Silicon Valley’s Benchmark takes a 13.6% share in DeepL.

2.       Build a DIY Neural MT system: Simple guide for translation geeks

3.       Automating High-level Legal Contract Understanding: ThoughtRiver gets UK government funding

4.       First-ever Automated Lip-reader: LipServe by Liopa to prevent spoofing in facial rec systems

5.       Kick-start a Blockchain Translation Ecosystem: TranslateMe eyes low-resource languages.

6.       Prioritising the National Language: Malta MP calls for inclusive language tech solutions

7.       Language Intelligence for Healthcare: 3M acquires M*Modal for $1Bn

8.       Video Subtitling Market: The UK wants to make subtitling obligatory for all VOD

9.       Computational Story Discovery: New tools to automate journalist’s skills.

10.   Chatbots for Survey Analysis: Using conversational tech for better education surveys.