No time to read all tweets, scoops, blogs? Here is a summary of the Top Ten LT stories of the month, selected by our LangTechNews editor Andrew Joscelyne. Enjoy – and if you have a newsworthy story, contact us.

  1. Massive boost in GPU power will accelerate machine learning in translation and other apps
  2. Dedicated translation devices for travellers keep emerging from Asian big tech
  3. Ambient Voice Intelligence can transform meetings into usable data
  4. News media companies increasingly ready to use literate AI assistants
  5. Unusual linkup between translation & speech rec suppliers to launch spoken/video services
  6. The Irish language gets its first neural MT service
  7. Why speech recognition engines find women’s voices harder
  8. Stealth-mode European online MT service DeepL finally hits the market
  9. Finland trials language teaching with robots
  10. 150 Translation APIs you never knew existed