1.       Automating Smart Medical Data Search for the Pharma Industry: Researchably brings large-scale readability to scientific verbiage

2.      Smart Theatre Subtitling: London theatre introduces synchronised captions via eyeglasses

3.       Using Machine Learning to Spot Quality News: deepnews.ai launches site to raise standards

4.       Chatbots Inside Ads: Adlingo opens up new conversations with consumers

5.       Debugging Translation ‘Decisions’ Inside Neural Nets: IBM and Harvard do the research

6.       Language Learning Games Market: worth $2.5B by 2026?

7.       Augmented Screen-writing: RivetAI Joins the bits together.

8.       Spotting False Robbery Reports: VeriPol helps Spanish police save time and money

9.       NLProc Comes Second in Enterprise ‘At-scale’ AI: Survey finds 47% identify importance of language tech.

10.   Hype of the Month: Baidu claims breakthrough in real-time automatic interpretation performance