Top Ten LT Stories for June 2017

No time to read all tweets, scoops, blogs? Here is a summary of the Top Ten LT stories of the month, selected by our LangTechNews editor Andrew Joscelyne. Enjoy – and if you have a news-worthy story, contact us.

  1. Eye-opener report on Indian Languages and the Internet
  2. Beyond Machine Learning: The IoT will require semantic interoperability not just data patterns
  3. Automatic Health Assessment – based on how you speak
  4. Buyout: Korea’s NAVER to acquire Xerox Research Centre Europe
  5. MT Upgrades: SDL and Pangeanic add neural MT services
  6. Still Texting: France consults the public on updating keyboard design
  7. Transcription Services: Chinese and English companies come up with innovative solutions
  8. Innovation Champ: Artificial Solutions wins Bully Award
  9. Avoiding ML bias: Voysis customises voice platforms to users, not developers
  10. Most popular LTInnovate tweet of the month: Using #NLProc to anonymise court documents in Norway