Jochen Hummel

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Jochen Hummel has a software development background and had grown his first company, TRADOS, to the world leader in translation memory and terminology software. In 2006 he founded Metaversum, the inventor of Twinity, the online virtual world based on real cities and was its CEO until 2010. He is a well-known, internationally experienced software executive and serial entrepreneur. He serves on boards and is mentoring several startups in Berlin. Currently, he is CEO of ESTeam AB. ESTeam provides the means to achieve data interoperability through semantic and multilingual information infrastructures, storage, and search. ESTeam has provided software and services for cross-border interoperability as well decision support for the IP sector. He is also CEO/Founder of Coreon, the advanced SaaS solution for multilingual knowledge bases. From 2012 to 2018, he was LT-Innovate's first Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is now Vice-chairman.