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Bram Vandewalle is an engineer in computer science. He focuses on fully understanding innovative technologies, estimating their impact and use them to the benefit of businesses.  Born in 1989, he can be considered a member of the first digital native generations. Digital and foremost mobile is his nature and you can always poke him for a quick brainstorm or discussion about any of the latest trends. As an entrepreneur, he started working in his student years as independent app developer and grew that business into a flourishing mobile app development house. He learned the benefits of a lean and agile approach to problems. Important values for him are: a positive attitude, creating value, work hard/play hard.
Specialties: machine learning, project management, entrepreneurship, mobile technology

Presentation title: 
The Rebirth of Artificial Intelligence and How it Affects Language Technology
Presentation description: 
2015 was a breakthrough year in Artificial Intelligence, a field that conjures up images of humanoid robots and self-aware computers. In this session, we will explore recent advancements of this technology. We will also shed some light on the impact Artificial intelligence has on both the Machine Translation and Speech industry.