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Alpineon Research  Development, Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise that develops hardware and software solutions, particularly in the fields of ICT for automotive industries. Development is focused on speech technologies: speech and speaker recognition, speech synthesis and speech machine translation, with numerous voice-based products, such as voice portals or SMS readers and electronic mail available. Proteus TTS speech synthesizer automatically converts text to natural and intelligible speech. It is intended for personal or business use. Service providers and operators can incorporate automated voice solutions for access to information. eBralec and Proteus TTS speech synthesizers are a welcome tool for groups of persons with special needs, such as the blind and visually impaired, mute and the elderly; it enables them to listen to electronic text in an audio format. In the context of R&D projects Alpineon cooperates with several leading industrial partners and academic institutions and participates in several industrial research projects. Among them are COST actions IC1106 and IC1206, the ICT Centre of Excellence, the management of major national language-technology project VoiceTRAN and coordination of Eureka projects.