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Kilgray – the company

Kilgray Translation Technologies kicked off in 2009 to become one of the world’s fastest growing translation technology providers making Deloitte’s Central European Fast 50 list of technology companies by 2012.



Kilgray’s popular memoQ system offers a wide selection of translation support environments for all aspects of translation and document management, such as translation memory, terminology, project management, document management automation and more. memoQ addresses the needs of the entire scope of users starting from individual translators to large scale corporate vendors, just as well as companies with mission critical document management needs by providing server and cloud server solutions, web-based translation environments and more.  Kilgray excels in their bottom-up approach and in their easily scalable and customizable environments and are proud to offer one of the most effective customer support services in the industry.

memoQ solutions are increasingly popular not only among individual translators, language service providers and localization businesses but also among multinational corporations of various industries requiring robust rollouts in order to ensure safety, speed, control, quality and ROI across their document lifecycles.

Kilgray's core product groups

Kilgrays memoQ product range primarily addresses the needs of four client groups.

Individual Translators Originally designed for freelance translators memoQ translator pro will make translation work easy and fast. Easy to learn and use this intuitive technology serves you, so you can concentrate on your work!

Translation Teams Small translator teams now can have the same technology supporting their collaborative project as the big ones just for the fraction of the price. memoQ cloud server is now available for monthly subscription fees!

Translation Companies  Language Service Providers need robust technology for their collaborative projects that is capable of handling large number - and variety - of files and translators. memoQ server speeds up translation processes and provides a safe and stable environment.

Corporate Clients Flexible workflow management, easy project tracking, automatic quality checks and advanced reports are just a few features of the memoQ server that translation buyer companies need. Kilgray can provide customized, automated processes to integrate into your workflows seamlessly. Check all the features and benefits!