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Product: Ludwig is a Linguistic Search Engine, based on complex Natural Language Processing algorithms. Differently from standard search engines, which are specialized in retrieving generic information, our hybrid information retrieval algorithm conjugates adaptive statistic search and semantic techniques. Ludwig is a REST service-based software system with a multi-layered infrastructure oriented to web services, shared resources, and hosting application server. The system has been drawn on Cloud Computing infrastructure in order to ensure speed, scalability and to respond to thousands of searches in a few milliseconds. Whenever you are writing in English you can search on Ludwig to:
  1. Get reliable English translations, with contextualized examples;
  2. Check your English sentences by comparing them side by side with reliable examples;
  3. Find the inspiration to express your ideas with ease and learn how to write more effectively.

Mission: Disrupt linguistic barriers and allow anyone who struggles with English writing to write easily and without mistakes.

Team: We are a team of digital humanists, engineers and designers. We have been friends since school and we have been working on Ludwig since July 2014.