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vetail-x.com was founded in 2011 with the aim of solving the still existing problem that regarding the rapidly growing number of videos on the Internet, there still is no efficient solution to make them searchable and findable. The technology of today’s search engines is not able to search video content but is based on text only.

vetail-x.com addresses the following problems:

  • Videos cannot be optimized properly for search engines because it is simply too expensive to extract the content from large quantities of video data manually.
  • Videos cannot be subtitled in an efficient and cheap way manually.
  • Videos are usually – due to reasons of costs – produced in one language only but are supposed to be used in multilingual portals.

Based on these problems, vetail-x.com has developed a number of services. On the basis of a highly developed speech recognition technology, which converts the spoken content in video into written text, we offer the following solutions:

  • Automatic video transcription that generates text and categories as basis for search, SEO and subtitling in five languages
  • Editing and translation services for every language available
  • Automatic generation of multilingual subtitles
  • Automatic generation of video sitemaps to be used in websites that help boosting the ranking of videos

Specialties: Video-Transcription, Video-SEO, Subtitles, Translation, URL-Parsing/Entity-Extraction