23 January 2013

 LT-Innovate Partnering Focus Groups convene technology developers, suppliers, buyers and users of Language Technology for a day of learning and information exchange. This event will address issues in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industries. The focus will be on interactive, intelligent, multilingual solutions addressing a range of challenges facing organisations active in Life Sciences & Healthcare in Europe. The goal is to broaden the perspective of buyers, illustrating the potential of LT to improve their systems and services across a range of operational areas.

Life Sciences & Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors for the Language Technology industry. Managing complex scientific data on the one hand and equally complex clinical data on the other is a compelling challenge. Practitioners need to record, manage, access and use clinical information efficiently and accurately, and communicate effectively with patients using the tools of the digital society – all in the context of constrained healthcare budgets.

Today LT makes physicians and healthcare delivery organisations more efficient and effective. Today pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies mine scientific data using LT for faster and safer drug development. Today patients expect clear diagnostic information, and timely, accurate communication with practitioners.

Tomorrow Life Sciences & Healthcare will share seamless access to medical and scientific data using commonly accepted models mapped to terminology in many languages, used by many different types of systems. Tomorrow patients will expect more control over their personal medical data, and the ability to access and use it in the ways they want, to communicate it, and about it, across language barriers, all in secure and reliable environments.


Overview of LT in Life Sciences & Healthcare

This overview illustrates current-generation solutions, and future areas of innovation. The Focus Group will explore the potential to create composite applications for more advanced products and services[1] as a source of innovation in the sector, as well as more immediate near-term opportunities.


Reference Applications
LT for Doctors & Patients
LT for Science & Discovery


Healthcare Innovation Partnering Focus Group Programme

Venue: St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK.
23 January 2013


Welcome, Registration & Coffee


Introduction and Overview with Use Case Scenarios
Chair: Dr. Adriane Rinsche (LTC) 


Topic 1: Speech

Speech to text, text to speech, speech analytics
Chair: Paul Welham (CereProc) 


Topic 2: Multilingual Processing

Terminology management and multilingual communication
Chair: Dr. Adriane Rinsche (LTC)



 Networking Lunch 


Topic 3: Intelligent Content

Text analytics, controlled authoring, data mining
Chair: Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp (Acrolinx) 


Collaborative Discussion Towards Future Plans 


End of the Programme