23 October 2013

LT-Innovate Innovation Partnering Focus Groups convene technology developers, suppliers, buyers and users of Language Technology (LT) for half a day of learning and information exchange. This event will address issues in the Manufacturing industries. The focus will be on interactive, intelligent, multilingual solutions addressing a range of challenges facing organisations active in Manufacturing in Europe. The goal is to broaden the perspective of LT vendors and buyers, illustrating the potential of LT to improve systems and services across a range of operational areas. 

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Manufacturing Innovation Partnering Focus Group

23 October 2013 - 18:00 to 20:30
Venue: Schmiedl Marktforschung GmbH (Schlesinger Associates)
Neuhauser Str. 27, D-80331 Munich




Welcome & Introduction


Company Presentations

Selected LT Companies present solutions & trends in intelligent content, speech and translation technologies for the Manufacturing industries.



How can intelligent content, speech and translation technologies help the Manufacturing industries?


Wrap up and closing