7 March 2013

 LT-Innovate Innovation Partnering Focus Groups convene technology developers, suppliers, buyers and users of Language Technology (LT) for a day of learning and information exchange.

The LT-Innovate Security & Risk Focus Group Executive Lunch was held in Madrid on 7 March 2013, at the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

The LT-Innovate Security & Risk Focus Group convened LT-Innovate Forum Members and an exclusive set of corporate CIOs, CISOs, CSO and other high level managers in charge of risk and security of important Spanish companies playing at international and local level, in order to discuss about their main challenges and problems in the IT Security and Risk area.

Throughout the lunch participants aimed at discovering and discussing the potential of Language Technology to improve IT Risk and Security systems and services, by providing an opportunity to:

  • discuss and interact between technology vendors and buyers;
  • identify business and innovation opportunities;
  • share experiences.

A report will soon become available here. The findings of all LT-Innovate Innovation Partnering Focus Groups will be consolidated in the LT Innovation Agenda to be published towards the end of 2013.