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The Human Language Project: A New Approach to Research and Innovation in Language Technology?

The European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment office (STOA) recently published a study concerning the role of technology in achieving European “language equality in the digital age.”  It claims that more than twenty European languages are in danger of “digital extinction,” and that the language technology (LT) programme that might save them is “not properly represented in the agenda of European policy makers.” While the study deserves to be welcomed i

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LT2013: Status and Potential of the European Language Technology Markets - Executive Summary

On 8 April, LT-Innovate released a landmark report which provides a comprehensive survey of the state of the Language Technology (LT) market in Europe today and projections for the next five years. It is divided into six parts, covering global trends in the ICT ecosystem, an analysis of specific trends in the LT industry, an exploration of innovation options for European LT companies, and a detailed account of the three strategic technology segments of speech interaction, multilingual communication and translation, and intelligent content that make up the LT market.

LT2013: Status and Potential of the European Language Technology Markets - Key Extracts

Discover some key extracts of LT2013, LT-Innovate's landmark report on the Language Technology industry:

A new Ecosystem

New open paradigms, language‐neutral development platforms and multilingual development resources could foster disruption, particularly in Europe. (p. 5)

The ability to manage and process the tsunami of data across the world’s languages is one of the biggest challenges in the new ICT ecosystem, and one for which LT is a critical enabling technology. (p. 6)

LT-Innovate - Jochen Hummel - CEO ESTeam and Chairman LT-Innovate
LT-Innovate Summit 2012 - Renato Beninatto - Moravia IT
LT-Innovate Summit 2012 - Niko Papula - Multilizer
LT-Innovate Summit 2012 - Jimmy Kunzmann - European Media Laboratory


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