1.       India an Eldorado for Regional Language Automation: Both Google and Chinese players competing for market attention.

2.       Open-sourcing NLProc Libraries: Proxem shares its semantic analysis software.

3.       Text-Mining Wikipedia to Create Textbooks: Automating focused content selection from zillions of words.

4.       Shanghai Court Adopts Ambient Language Intelligence: Voice assistant for real time verbal commands and transcription service.

5.       US Govt. Believes in Language Tech: It spent $83M on #NLProc in 2017.

6.       Language Data Preparation Pays Off: Appen enjoys a bull run.

7.       The Business Value Inside Visual Data: Zorroa textualises video content into an asset.

8.       Quality Data Profiling for NeuralMT: TAUS launches data matching service.

9.       Automated Argumentation Training: IBM’s new debater tool to help decision-makers.

10.   Forbes Automates First Drafts: Using natural language generation to speed up content production in a major business pub.