LT-Innovate's Innovation Acceleration programme is based on an analysis of the value-chain which reveals that the process of innovation can be accelerated (or slowed down) by a series of factors (see graph below). Ideally, all these factors need to be addressed to ensure a smooth and steady flow of innovation from the drawing board of the researcher to the end consumer in the various application markets.

Many language-dependent production and service processes could be streamlined and simplified by a pervasive deployment of language technology to facilitate cross-lingual cognition and interaction in business and society.

In the short-term, LT-Innovate sees the key driver of innovation in an intensified interaction between LT vendors and buyers/users, with the double goal of identifying needs and delivering mature responses to these based on reinforced vendor collaboration. The latter could be further reinforced by harnessing the strengths of world-class applied research.

Currently, LT-Innovate's Innovation Acceleration programme focuses on:

  • contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of LT markets through the LangTechNews information channel;
  • facilitating the intearction between LT vendors and buyers through targetted events (conferences, workshops, focus groups, bilateral meetings) providing insights into the needs of verticals (automotive, aerospace, media, finance, defence, healthcare, legal, etc.);
  • fostering the coorperation between vendors and researchers through an increased awareness of industry's research needs and dissemination of research results;
  • encouraging the coming together of collaborative buyer-vendor-researcher consortia to take advantage of market-driven innovation opportunities.