1.       Non-reciprocal Translation of AI Research: China knows more about the West’s scientific progress than vice versa

2.       Open-Sourcing Better NLP Tools: Google’s BERT is a game-changer for everyone

3.       Conversation Development Gets a New Face: Furhat builds an innovative social robot platform

4.       Voice/Speech Understanding for Mental Health: Advances in automating language behavior analytics

5.       Asian Solution to the Translation Data Bottleneck: Flitto publishes figures of its crowdsourcing efforts.

6.       Augmented Dubbing: Synesthesia transforms video faces to mouth any speech output

7.       Not Your Usual Search Engine: Europeans can now choose a more private solution

8.       Singing Synthetically for Its Supper: Cereproc to launch singing robots to transform the music industry

9.       Low-Resource Language Translation Update: Mauritius-based company to build a blockchain solution.

10.   Exactly What I was Going to Say: Language Intelligence Gets Closer to Automating Sentence Completion