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Investor in collaborative AI projects at COBOT-AI.

John is a lifelong serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker on Artificial Intelligence and NLP/NLG. He brings his energy and rich experience after a lengthy career in the technology sector in the United States, Asia and Europe. Before joining Yseop, John Rauscher was the CEO of Sunopsis which he sold to Oracle in 2006 and whose flagship product is now known as the Oracle Data Integrator. Prior to this, John was CEO of the U.S. subsidiary of Cyrano, a public company specializing in RDBMS testing tools.

John is the author of four published business books “The Rise of the Cobot” (2020 - English), on how collaborative AI is the next critical trend, “La Révolution des Services 4.0” (2019 – French), on how the service sector needs AI, “A la Conquête de la Silicon Valley” (1999), on innovative marketing for the high tech industry, and “PME : Réussir à l’International” (2008), on the power of innovation for succeeding in international business. John is looking for a new opportunity/investment on language automation.