Under the Hood: AI at Speexx

Following his presentation at LTI19, Armin Hopp, President @ Speexx contributes his view on the future of language learning empowered by AI, VR and AR.

What is Language Intelligence?


Language Intelligence and the Fake News Challenge

The news production and security industries are undergoing a growing threat from fake news across every media, as are all organisations where accurate, time-bound news on persons, entities and events in specific locations are critical to their business and security.

DataMining Solutions

DataMining Solutions


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Top Language Technology Stories for April 2018

No time to read all tweets, scoops, blogs? Here is a summary of the Top Ten LT stories of the month, selected by our LangTechNews editor Andrew Joscelyne. Enjoy – and if you have a newsworthy story, contact us.

John Rauscher

Interview with John Rauscher, outgoing CEO of Yseop - Keynote Speaker at #LTI18

The Language Technology Industry Summit 2018 (28-29 May in Brussels) will illustrate how language technology addresses challenges in artificial intelligence. AI leader John Rauscher, outgoing CEO of Yseop, will provide insights and case studies from the NLG (natural language generation) sector. Philippe Wacker has spoken to him in advance of the Summit.

Discover the Power of Language Intelligence @ LTI18

Natural Language Processing has seen quite a revival with Internet giants putting a lot of smart heads at solving NLP’s toughest problems. Incredible progress in processor speed allows to stack neural networks so deep that the successes in computer vision are repeated in NLP. Even though words are arbitrary symbols and as such fundamentally different from imagery, sentiment analysis, document classification, semantic search, and even Machine Translation, all work pretty well now.

Language Tech 2.0: Three Challenges to Machine Learning from the Innovation Playbook!

It’s January again, named after the two-faced god that looks both backwards and forwards. Rather than simply reviewing a year’s list of industry events (we have collected them all here), let’s look more closely at the challenges ahead. We’ll need to address at least three if we want to grasp technology innovation and market opportunities in 2018 and beyond.

New Opportunities for Language Technology in the Age of AI

LT-Innovate organises its annual Language Technology Industry Summit (LTI17) in Brussels from 9 to 11 October 2017. In other words, slap bang in the middle of the current boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. 


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